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So my first group was actually Big Bang by recommendation from a friend of mine. he told me that it was worth trying out and that I might like it. Once I started I couldn't stop at all.
G-Dragon, Kwon Ji Yong, was the first of this group to catch my eye. My first ideology I ever watched was Fantastic Baby, and his style just made my jaw drop. To this day G-D oppa remains my favorite member and is my Bias in this group.
Taeyang's dance moves are what caught my attention next, that and his nudity. (I'm not afraid to admit that) The way he moves is inspiring and makes my eyes always drift over to him.
TOP was someone that I didn't really like at first but as I got to listening to more of their music I found that I was liking him more and more. TOP's voice is amazing and the way it brings out the lyrics in their songs makes me shiver.
Daesung is another member that I didn't totally like at first. He had such a small role in the first song hat I listened to that I didn't find myself connecting with him as a fan. after listening to his l, and solely his music, found myself liking him more and more.
Seungri when I first saw him, well I just wanted to cuddle him lol. He was so adorable and it made me smile every time I saw him. Out of this group I found that he was the third person that I loved to listen to after Taeyang and G-D.
Who was your fist K-pop group? I'm dying to know
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Girls Generation was my first group. Once a SONE, always a SONE
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SNSD was my first group, but I didn't get into kpop until I discovered SHINee 💕
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I found BTS through their cover of Shinwa's This Love (I only knew their group name. I still don't know their other music or members). And then I was like, "I've heard of bts somewhere" so kept listening to them and now I love them and their music
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Dude the same thing for me except i found tops solo mv and someone recommended bigbang in the comments but the first mv i watched was fantastic baby and right away i loved gdragon they dragged me into kpop and he will always be my ultimate bias
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Big Bang was my first K-Pop group too!!!!! I was listening to Vocaloid and it popped up as a recommended video so I watched Fantastic Baby then I get hooked.
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