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It seem some of you have some questions about the new mini drama "Secret Message"

Where Can I Watch It?

Personally i've been watching it over on DramaFever (DramaFever is free) . . But i do know that you can also watch it over on YouTube >Link to first episode< (The episode a placed in parts on DF and on YT it will say Episode 1 Part 1 etc.)

What Is It About?

Woo-Hyun (T.O.P) is Korean man and Haruka (Juri Ueno) is Japanese woman. They live different lives, but they both carry emotional scars from their first love. Woo-Hyun has yet to get over his first love, but he still wants to believe in true love. Haruka is a woman wants answers relating to love. (18 Episodes) Language: Korean/Japanese

Cast Members:

T.O.P - Woo-Hyun <<< Yes Big Bang T.O.P Juri Ueno - Haruka Yoo In-Na - Amy Lee Jae-Yoon - Lee Jae-Soo Shin Won-Ho - Choi Gang Kim Gang-Hyun - Sung-Joon Jung Yoo-Mi - Ji-Soo Ko Su-Hee - Physiognomist Saki Fukuda - Mariko Keisuke Koide Kento Kaku

Is It Any Good?



I've been binge watching it and i NEED more episodes !!!
What are you waiting on go check out the Drama and go check it out right now :D
If you dont like it tell me and i'll write you personally and essay on why i was wrong :P
I feel like the producers of the Secret Message should pay you cause you're making me want to watch it so badly lol!
@kpopandkimchi I'm giving them free promo they better love me lol But you should watch it though IT'S SOOOOOOOOO GOOD :D