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I want to try a game.. so, I made this up. GUESS WHO?
all you got to do is guess who is behind the picture..the picture will be kind of a symbol or a clue from that idol..ok. I will do it one at the time tho. . I am tagging some people please tag more to play..and guess who is behind the picture...let's play.. @XionHeart @kpopisnylife @merryjayne13 @shellyfuentes70 @aleciaLOVES @sosoaloraine23 @stacyneroland @SusiBosshammer @TigerlilyB4 @AmbieB @kpopandkimchi @ElizabethT @RoyallyPrincess @TigerlilyB4 @CatherineBrooks @Starbell808 @SharayahTodd @xsandos17 @JasmineWilliams @YessicaCardenas @UnnieCakesAli @PrettieeEmm @wondergirl
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