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For all my moms out there who have sons and daughters about to tie the knot, and who have not yet found a dress to the wedding, this card's for you! This Fall, it's all about METALLIC. But not the gold and silver type. More like every other metal. Think copper, pewter, bronze, tungsten carbide, palladium...and the list goes on.
And just because metals are in this season, doesn't mean that your dress has to be made of sequins, Lurex threads and reflective Swarovski components. Metal is a finish, that's true. However, you can also have metal colors and a play on color and pattern. For example, the stunning Monique Lhullier dress, here, is a burnout copper brocade. It's mixing the shine of brocade Lurex threads with the matte finish of the burnout left behind. Incredible juxtaposition of finish here that adds texture and visual interest.
Choose a gown with architectural design. This Monique Lhullier sheath dress is adorned with what appears to be bronze bugle beads (or similar) to achieve the dual color effect that comes from metallic glass. Notice how the pattern of the placement of such beads brings dimension to the gown. It's not just a sparkly dress, which is really important.
On of my favorites from the Lhullier Fall 2015 Collection is this dress. Not only is it a strong, yet sexy look, (who says moms can't look sexy anyway?!), but it's a dynamic play on pattern. From a distance, you might mistake this for a cheetah print or another wildcat design. However, upon closer inspection, you can see that this too is a brocade burnout dress. The pattern isn't at all an animal print. Because of that, you get this incredible dress that dances between truth and imagination. There's incredible movement with just enough light reflected from the Lurex threads. Dazzling and not at all confrontational, this is a dress that is equally sexy as it is demure and classic.
Texturize your look with variety of finishes. Keep your metallic look together with fabrics and pelts and jewel/chain metal work. Yet another example of on the mark beauty from Monique Lhullier. Moms, you can keep yourself looking modern, chic and comfortable while still covering up in all the right places. This is what dynamite looks like and trust me, everyone wants the moms at weddings to look amazing!
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I saved this dress for last because it reminded me of something you'd find on the girl in any one of the million 007 movies that have been produced. It's a classy sexiness that sums up the ideal that I would love to see mothers bring to the wedding whether it's their son or daughter getting married. You want to bring class and appropriate sex-appeal. Just because you're a mom and you're older doesn't mean you can't look and feel your best.
yes! That last dress is really amazing! Glad you love it too @PurpleChick! Thanks for taking a look and commenting1
Wow metallic is the new sexy! love all these looks especially the last one