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Three words with such a huge meaning.

A lot of people can't part their lips to utter the words, 'I love you', no matter how much they love someone. This can be for several reasons, the main reason being pride or the idea of not having the feelings reciprocated. At the end of the day, just because someone doesn't necessarily say those three words doesn't mean that they don't truly love you.
It takes a lot to tell someone that you love them and sometimes it's easier to express your love by going a different route that shows your love through quirkiness and humor. Because who doesn't love those two things, right? Keep scrolling to see a few different ways someone can express their love for you [or vice versa] without you even realizing it.
Because when 'I Love You' won't come out,

you have seven other options to express how you feel.

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This is adorable.
I definitely agree! @cardboardart