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There's Goku the strongest saiyen warrior on his planet with his famous rival Vegeta. Goku has 7 forms of super saiyen including his 4th form. Goku was able to overcome his obstacles and destroy every enemy in his path. Goku was always nice to his opponents even if they were pure evil, but Goku never gave someone the chance to destroy the earth or kill one of his friends while he was there. He is an amazing fighter with his special technique the Kame-Hame-Ha. But Goku is up against someone equal or incredibly stronger named Saitama (one-punch-man)
Yes it is Saitama from One-punch man. A man that only did strength training for three years straight and lost all of his hair afterwards, was then granted the ability to one punch almost anything. A very funny but blank guy as he comes into fights and you never want to Mae him angry. But later in the manga if you guys read it and this might be a SPOILER but he fights an alien that Saitama could not one punch him and he was strong enough to fight back as well. And also Goku will be free to use all of his forms he currently has now so it will be bit more equal!
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@Stevenb1990 there's a pic of his god form in the top slide...
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-Sighs- One Punch man would win.
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@xXRinOkumuraXx are you absolutely sure? Remember, Goku is also an alien, so it's possible that Saitama couldn't one punch him.
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Goku could defiantly beat the one alien saitama couldn't one punch and Goku is also faster and can fly and teleport so head a pretty good chance
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