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If you're going to spend $60, $90, even $200 on brushes and applicators for your makeup, then isn't it time you started to blush and brush correctly?! Since we're always in a state of learning (hopefully), add this card to and the information from it to perfect your techniques, which I learned from Makeup Forever.

Circle 8s

Apply the blush on top of the cheekbone. Begin at the hairline and blend inwards to the apple of the cheek with movements in the shape of an “8”.
Best For:
Suits all face shapes.
Natural, defined.

Soft Circles

Apply the blush to the apple of the cheek in circular motions.
Best For:
Long and triangular faces.
Natural, refreshed.

Sweeping Highlight

Apply the blush to the cheek in sweeping motions--back and forth.
Best For:
Oval faces.
Creates dimension.


Begin application at the hairline (at the middle of the ear) and blend towards the mouth to sculpt the cheek . Then, blend upwards to emphasize the size of the cheekbone.
Best For:
Round and square faces.
Natural, defined.
For more tips and tricks for applying your makeup, be sure to join the Makeup Community here. You can also see all my other makeup cards by visiting here.
OMG! NO way! you seem like the perfect person to always travel to New York! I'm definitely going to need for you to make a trip ASAP! and I am always down for some amazing flowers. I've been in this mood lately where I go to all the local bodegas to find fresh flowers for the house. it makes me feel good throughout the day, haha. but please do come...SOON! @marshalledgar
Thank you for the shout out!!! I'm glad you're learning thing or two 🤗 @RaquelArredondo
I'm not a fan of the first picture, I try to put the best makeup tech. photos, i really like the bottom ones.
I believe my mother does the sweeping highlight but I'm not too sure though. I really need to memorize these skills if I want to help my mother and sister with their makeup and hairstyles (I'm learning that from @jordanhamilton ) ^^ thank you for the tag! @marshalledgar :D
Great tips! Especially the circle 8s. I wasn't familiar with that technique.
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