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Hi everyone!  So I've taken the BTS members and guessed what kind of older brother they would be to us (based on their personalities). I've made another card similar to this one, but with B.A.P members.  Check it out here!


He would be a very quiet and motherly brother.

Jin has a very soothing calmness that surrounds him - so whenever you're having a meltdown, your sweet brother will always be there to hug you until you calm down. I think his personality would make him a brother that wants to do the absolute best for his sister (even the impossible things) and will easily get hurt/stressed if things don't work out how he'd planned it to.


A brother with a big attitude, but a heart just as big.

He seems like if he were a high schooler, he'd hang out with the tough guys who don't tolerate shit. So if his friends (or anyone) happen to rub you the wrong way, big brother Suga will come to the rescue! And when you hug him tight as thanks, he'll brush it off like it's nothing (but he'll be thanking God for the cutest lil' sister inside his head).


A brother who will be the source of your happiness.

After seeing this kid on variety shows and After School Club, I can confidently say that he will be a bright light in your life. So if his precious sister needs any cheering up, J-Hope will certainly be the first guy to make you laugh. But I think even the happiest people can be the saddest people. Hoseok seems like the kind of person to get very caught up with unintentional insults thrown around during arguments. Be careful, little sister!

Rap Monster

The brother who is non-judgmental and will give you mature advice.

Ok, now this one was a toughie since it's almost like he has two completely different personalities. This dude is a total goof ball (have you seen AHL?) but I mean his lyrics, man (check out links I give you at the end of card)... I think overall Namjoon is the type of bro you'd want to go to when you just want someone to listen. That man is intelligent.  Not only education-wise, but also when it comes to dealing with problems in life


A super gentle and considerate brother.

This little booger is such a big ball of love. He'll hug you, stroke your hair, and ultimately be the nicest brother you could ever dream of. The only person he loves more than Jungkook is YOU! Jimin has a really positive and loud personality, making those around him smile really wide. Our Chim Chim seems like he'd hate losing any games, so be nice!


The brother who is the oddball in the family.

Our alien may be strange, but he'll love you unconditionally. Taehyung may be older than Jungkook, but his child-like personality makes it seem like they're the same age. He's the brother you'd go to if you needed someone fun to horse around with. V doesn't put much thought into what others think (which will lead to him showering you with love in public) but that also means he might not put much consideration for your feelings when you two quarrel.


The older brother with the mind of a child.

This cutie seems like he would pick fights VERY easily with his little sister LOL. Since he's used to being maknae in BTS, I don't think it will be easy for him to treat you like an absolute princess (since he's one himself). HOWEVER, this nugget will express his love for you through little things since he's very meticulous about looking manly and tough. p.s Kookie, it's not working. You'll always be our adorable puppy.

Thanks for reading!!!

Please leave any suggestions in the comments (i.e - EXO as dogs, VIXX as colors) A list of RapMon's songs I recommend (From RM Mixtape):Do You각성/AwakeningGod RapLife표류/AdriftI believe
haha glad you liked it! @ARMYStarlight
Namjoon's sounds spot on 👌
Ah its amazing very much what I think they would be if they were an older brother heh