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Art done by: Leon S.
I believe the first one said that humans are dominate and so on then the dragons said they were and so on lol
@TracyDeCamp I'm glad you're ok and hope you get Better soon
Just so everyone knows, I was in a car crash. Yes, I'm fine. I was just released yesterday. I plan on being back on my feet around new years. Still on crutches and casts but walking all the same. I'm currently wheel chair bound and that kinda sucks but it's still fun sometimes. Anyways I have been kinda family and friends orientated and it's not just this project that I haven't been working on ALL of my work had stopped as I try to get back on my feet. sorry it's been so long to give you guys an explanation but today is the first time I got Internet access as the hospital wouldn't give me the WiFi password *loosers I mean what else am I supposed to do when it's not visitor hours and I'm not In therapy or surgery? sleep? no sleeps for loosers I wanna watch anime read manga Facebook message my friends stuff like that!* because they needed the WiFi for the medical uses only. Anyways I hope to get back to work on this soon! ♡
cute story
@AimeBolanos Paige 10 Swans froze on place. The fireflies one after another Call me Natsu! And... I'm a dragon! We won't allow anything to ruin our friendship! Cause the war... isn't our choice. Lucy... I love you.
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