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i not only write fanfiction but i read it. sometimes i go on reading sprees. but i focus on one anime at a time. these are the fanfic phases ive gone through. I do tend to focus on only my favorite characters so dont hate me.
Number 1: Naruto. Im currently reading fanfics in the Naruto archive. The reason it's number one is because Naruto was my Second serious Anime. It was the one I always got excited for. And I ship my favorite character, Sakura, with so many guys in that anime(though not all at the same time), it's unbelievable.
Number 2: Fairy Tail. it's my current obsession when it comes to reading the manga, I fangirl HARD after reading a new chapter every week. My favorite character is Lucy, so i tend to ship her with a lot of guys too (again not at the same time). I do not hate Lisanna, but i don't like that people ship her with Natsu. Just because they're childhood friends doesn't mean they should end up together.
Number 3: Inuyasha. I remember staying up mad late just to watch this. Love this show. And my favorite character is Kagome.
Number 4: Fruits Basket. Reading stories in this archive is how i survived and stayed sane in High School. Tohru is my favorite Character. she's so happy.
Number 5: Powerpuff Girls. (though i have seen a few episodes of the anime, i mainly ready the ppg ones in the cartoon categories). Childhood favorite.
good big brother!
I use the same @JessReno
living at fairytail was great practice! :) 馃憤
Yeah the TGT can be eccentric, especially when it comes to me, they're lose their minds when they find out I have a sister so yeah take your time out there, stay safe learn as much as you can and if you need me I'm only a shout of my name away, as far as I'm concerned, you're a fairytail wizard, you're family and I will crush the enemies of my family! :)
It's,fine. and I haven't been around Fairy Tail yet because im free in the forbthe first time in Around 12 years! ive gotta do some explorin before i come back and am glomped by tribe
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