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Hey guys this is kalyan I want to know about the anime you first watched and changed your life. Mine was Naruto let me know what was yours and tell me about how you feel about the anime!!!!!!!!!!! Until next time bye!
@kalyanmadoori I say mine was gurren lagann I still wat it till dis day cuz my drill is the drill that will pierce the heavens☝☝☝ R.I.P. Kamina 😇😇😇
it wasn't my first but what anime truly impacted my life was cowboy beebop...the depth, raw emotion, adventurous atmosphere, the voice actors ...every episode not only told a story but every episode gave chills in a different way.
yu yu hakusho was the first anime i really got into. brought me into the anime world but any others have had a damn good impact like FMA Brotherhood, steins gate, dragon ball. gah
Fullmetal Alchemist completely changed my life, not only did it drag me into the anime world but also taught me valuable life lessons
mine would have to be one piece. I love how hard all of the straw hats fight in their lives to reach their goals. in the real world such type of ambition is rare, it made me realize that no matter what happens in one's life, you have to keep going. just like luffy once he's set his mind on something he will achieve it. that's how this world should try and be, ambitious!
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