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So since the comeback is just around the corner! Here is Best Absolute Perfect XD As requested by @StefaniTre
Bang YongGuk, HimChan, DaeHyun, Young Jae, Jong Up, Zelo 1. Shag 2. Marry 3. Kill 4. Stalk 5. Have kids with (Baby Appa) 6. Best Friend
1. Shag JongUp cause have you seen him recently, omo 2. Marry YoungGuk, He is so Hubby material 3. Kill YoungJae sorryyy 4. Stalk Himchan 5. Have kids with Zelo cause he was a kid like a week ago and something happened XD 6. Bestie DaeHyun cause he sounds like onew so we can totally be bffs XD

Who do you choose?

I love the blonde days XD Thank you again for the request! Play more here! Let me know if you want your favorite group next!
1. Zelo ( he as be come very manly lately...) 2. Yongguk( I mean his voice.) 3. daehyun (I'm sorry someone has to go 😒) 4. youngjae (I just want to know his life...) 5.jongup (I'm just want my kids to know how to dance xD and good looking) 6 himchan ( who else can l tell my secrets too?!)
I can't choose. I'm stressing out oh no
1. Shag Yongguk (his name says it all) lol 2.Marry JongUp because he's too perfect and hello when your married you can shag all the time πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚(excuse my perve mind he's just too beautiful) 3.kill the haters 4.Stalk Zelo(he's my baby love) 5.Have kids with Himchan because that man is too gorgeous 6.Bestfriends Daehyun and Young Jae they are both too adorable and I can't choose between them
shag:none. I'm lesbian marry:himchannie kill:zelo stalk:young jae&daehyun havekidswith:none lol besties:Yongguk &jongup
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