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This show(by the way this is about the show not the manga)is about these gaint monster - like beings called Titans, who eat humans. Humanity was early wiped out by the titans.In humanity's last hope they build three walls ( Wall Maria,Wall Rose,and Wall Sina)where the last of humans hide and escaped from the titans.The is then set about 200 years after the walls are built and follows the story of Eren.Eren,his (somewhat of a)sister Mikasa,and there friend Armin have lived inside the walls for there entire life until one day a titan bigger than any ever see knocks down Wall Maria and humans are forced to flee deeper into the walls.In this process the three children have lots there homes and now must depend on eachother. Eren then swears that he shall kill all the titans. When three become of age they join the scout guard and the story continues from there.
I started watching that yesterday and today I finished the season this anime is awesome😌😌