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Jin blew bubbles at me because I fed him cake

"Did you guys have practice today?" You pushed the heavy gate to the front yard open. "We just worked in the studio, I took Jimin to the gym afterwards." He smiled, closing the gate with ease. "Hm, then you probably won't want to have any of the treat I made." Clicking your tongue, you moved to the front door. Fiddling with your keys and getting the door open, you invited the idol inside. You hummed out a song, going about taking your shoes and jacket off. "You made a treat?" He chirped out, seemingly excited by the thought of sweets. "You went to the gym already, wouldn't want to ruin that. I'll make you something that doesn't have so much sugar." Heading into the kitchen, you shuffled around the cabinets. You were waiting around for some kind of protest to the suggestion of sugarless snacks. When you didn't hear any, you turned to the open living room to find him slumped in the couch. "Are you pouting?" You had to stifle a laugh when asking. "Y/N, you made treats and I'm not even allowed to have any." He slumped into the couch, heart absolutely broken. "Jin, you can have some of the cake. I made it just for you." You nearly tripped with how fast he popped up and grinned. "Ah, you're to good to me. How did I ever get so lucky?" Jin rested his chin on your shoulder, arms hanging loosely in your waist. "Your willingness to eat my cooking." He chuckled in your ear ",My dad installed the fountain finally. Wanna eat out there?" Jin hummed a reply and you cut up two pieces of the pretty pink cake.
"Okay, tell me about the comeback." You bit at the small piece of cake on your fork, watching Jin next to you. "It's a secret." His voice was sing-song like, teasing you. "You can't even tell your other half?" "Expecially you. I have to set an example for the younger members, if I told you then they'd think it's okay to tell their girlfriends or close friends. I won't even tell my-" You shoved a piece of cake in his mouth, shutting him up. "Shush, I get it. You're the oldest and blah blah." "Who's pouting now?" You stuck your tongue out at him and he laughed in return ",I will tell you that you'll like it. That good enough?" "I guess." You continued to pout, wanting a full blown tell all on the comeback. Jin smiled and grabbed your face, you were taken aback for a second. He kissed each of your cheeks, then your forehead and nose, and finally your lips. You puffed a breath out at him and smiled back. "Grease ball." - Your little brother came home as the both of you were sitting on the fountain. He insisted that you take a pack of bubbles, and watched you two open them before disappearing into the house. Jin blew a swarm of bubbles in your face and chuckled when one popped on your nose. "What was that for?" "Thanking you for the delicious cake." "Some way to thank me. Not telling me about your comeback and blowing bubbles in my face." "Come here grouchy."
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@thePinkPrincess I'm pulling names off the welcome card Kpopandkimchi posted a while back FORGIVE ME
ummmmm I'm kinda mad u didn't tag me bc I really loved this!!! ❤❤❤
@punkpandabear You're very welcome, I'm glad you liked it and that it brightened your day up
Aw I loved this. This just made my day better. Thank you @Emealia .
That was too adorable. I may have squealed a little.
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