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So many celebrities in one place!

Robert Pattison, FKA Twigs, Katy Perry, Kate Hudson, Jerrod Carmichael, director Luc Besson, Vin Diesel and wife Paloma Jiménez all were in one location making it the most star studded private charity event! Pattison and Twigs were simply there to support the event Thursday night in Beverly Hills despite many rumors swirling that the future married couple had parted.
The star studded gala consisted of a lot of celebrities working the room to increase donations. The event was a charity auction to help raise money for the GO Campaign which benefits orphans and vulnerable children around the world. Pattison announced earlier this month that he was the organization's first celebrity ambassador.
"[GO Campaign] partners with some remarkable grassroots local heroes who are doing fantastic work but who lack the needed resources, and in places where a little bit of money can go a long way," Pattison said at the time. "I've been a donor and a supporter, and now I look forward to joining their efforts, so together we can give opportunity to even more kids and young adults across the globe."
Pattison's fiance Twigs aka Tahliah Barnett performed three songs along with the Recycled Orchestra, a Paraguayan music program sponsored through the GO Campaign. At the end of the performance, Perry led the gala in a standing ovation to show her support for Twigs.
Though nothing is confirmed as of yet, Pattison and Twigs are expected to get married...eventually?

Here's an added bonus... Katy Perry in a picture with Kate Hudson.

@nicolejb @cullenquigley I like it too. It makes her eyes look amazing. Did ya know that's my natural hair color? Yep....with auburnish streaks in it during the summer months when the sun works on it a bit. ;)
I was thinking the same thing! She looks like a classy lady :D @cullenquigley (I also might be biased cause my hair is that length right now. lol)
@nicolejb It's so mature! I like it too! I was getting bored with all of her colorful wigs. It's nice to see a natural color on her for once.
Hahaha "I didn't mean to be goth it's just my hair!" I can totally see you saying that. :) @ButterflyBlu yeah it's the same with my dad too, he had the same color as me when he was my age, but it turned like a dark brown. I kind hope that doesn't happen to me though... I like my color!
I'm actually obsessed with Katy Perry's hair! :D
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