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Mets fans, it's time to find a new fan favorite.

Daniel Murphy rejected the Mets' qualifying offer of 1 year, 15.8 million today, meaning the infielder will become a free agent and will sign elsewhere.
This brings an end to a 7-year playing career with the Mets. Murphy has never played for another team and has been a mainstay in the Mets' lineup for nearly a decade, playing all over the field - second base, first base, third base, left field, you name it.

It's going to be weird to see him put on a different uniform next season.

Murphy is expected to get somewhere in the $40 million range over three seasons on the open market. That's big money.
While Murphy made national headlines this October by hitting seven home runs in the postseason (including one in six straight games to get the Mets to the World Series), the true Mets fans will remember years and years of Murphy's service.

Through thick and thin, and losing season after losing season, Murph has battled for the Mets, being a consistent hitter and a great locker room presence.

I will never forget how it felt to watch Murphy single-handedly ruin the Dodgers' and Cubs' hopes and dreams for two weeks in October. It was one of those magical sports moments that will really stick with me.

He literally could not be retired. No one could get him out - not Arrieta, not Greinke, not Kershaw, not Lester. No one.
He made some big mistakes in the World Series, but I'll remember the good times with Murphy.

Once a Met, always a Met, in this case.

Where do you think he'll sign?
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I don't think its that much of a loss.....he definitely does not deserve that much money.