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Unless you've been down this road before, and even then you may not know, the idea of stocking your own bar for your wedding (or any other special event) could actually cost you more money than you dreamed and cause for more panic than you imagined.
You should already know that you're not allowed to have a cash bar at your wedding. Honestly, there just isn't a good enough reason to torture yourself (and your guests) like that.
If signature cocktails only is too limited and not quite the direction you want to go and you want to save some money by doing the booze yourself, then you need to keep reading because I just stumbled on an incredible article by Simone Hill on TheKnot, online, which you can see here.
Her professional advice, based on research is this: estimate one drink per guest per hour. That might seem like a lot (or a little) depending on how boozy your guests are. However, the reality is, not EVERYONE is going to drink liquor, and certainly, not that much of it.
The following shopping list is based on 100 guests for a four-hour wedding reception. Obviously, you will need to adjust the list to fit your wedding, as this is merely a starting point.


Beer: 5 to 6 cases
Whiskey: 1 liter
Bourbon: 1 liter
Gin: 2 to 3 liters
Scotch: 2 liters
Rum: 2 liters
Vodka: 6 liters
Tequila: 1 liter
Champagne: 1 to 1 1/2 cases (include an additional 18 bottles for a champagne toast)
Red wine: 2 cases
White wine: 3 1/2 cases
Dry vermouth: 1 liter
Sweet vermouth: 1 liter


Tonic: 1 case
Club soda: 1 case
Cranberry juice: 2 gallons
Orange juice: 1 gallon
Grapefruit juice: 1 gallon
Ginger ale: 1 case
Triple sec: 1 liter
Lime juice: 1 gallon
Sparkling water: 2 cases
Bottled water: 3 cases
Diet coke: 2 cases
Coke: 2 cases
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