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NO I will never forget ......
I would never let my kids have a life without anime
I agree anime 4 life. It gives life a new meaning and gave me the courage to see the world in a perspective. I believe in the impossible now and accept more things about the world than ever before. I want my kids to watch anime too if they want because they have valuable lessons in them. They are more than just 'cartoons' they're so much more. They are life to me.
don't worry I'll never forget I'll have a certain time me and my family watch anime and play video games while multi tasking
@natsulover17 I feel the same way haha and it cuase of manga and anime both and seeing everything from the character's point of view is amazing!
Never just gonna stay up at night and watch ht up early before work and watch anime.ANIME FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!
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