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Guys Youngbae and JiYong have reconnected with their long lost loves during the MADE tour.... . . You don't believe me, check it out for yourself
Yes so many great memories being here in the states
but this is the one that tops them all...... IT IS NOT JUST A SANDWICH
It's the best Burger "No its not have you even heard of the Big Bang Burger!!" shhhhh child .....what is the burger GD...
See the burger is the best
You tell them Taeyang♡♡
Yup true love♡♡
Sorry if I scared you guys at the beginning of this card...I just really like trolling you guys XD "You're a jerk" I know lol
I bet you Shake Shack isn't mad though....the just got free promo XD
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And when they arrived to West Coast, he said they were there for In&Out Burger 🍔🍟