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haha im pretty sure this got your attention. Hi everyone im Ani im new to all of this and kpop is like my life. But i do have other things. Im shy but i love making friends. I would love to get to know you guys . byeee
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@Rhia hello thank you for the welcome and i would love to meet others
2 years ago·Reply
@amortiz0101 do you have a kakao?
2 years ago·Reply
@Rhia no but i have a line
2 years ago·Reply
@amortiz0101 hmm I have many group chats on kakao ... I want always send them to you vingle card. but it it easier to talk through Kakao
2 years ago·Reply
WELCOME NEW BEST FRIEND! How are you? Do you like Vingle so far? It's pretty amazing. There are pretty great people here
2 years ago·Reply