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Why does it feel like it's me against the world with my love for anime? It's just something I like that a bunch of other people like, so why does it feel like I have to hide it and conceal what really makes me from society? Just wanted to hear your guys opinions on the subject.
I know exactly how you feel, I did it for a long time. I have finally gotten to the point where I am just open about it. if people don't like it then screw them, their loss, they are missing out. I've found numerous friends that either like anime or were willing to listen to me about it and now we all have become closer and better friends.
that we feel like not explaining and we just take the easy way and hide it
whenever you want or need to Dire
That's fine by me @0ctober I guess I'll talk to you soon through vingle
Thanks @0ctober and I appreciate your input :) I currently live in Pennsylvania and it would be nice to talk to someone with similar experiences
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