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Knowing how many types of suits are out there and when to wear what is extremely important for both your professional and social life. Here's a simplified guide for you There are two main types of suits: - The Single Breasted (Picture 1&2) is a suit that has a single column of buttons and a very narrow overlap of fabric on its jacket. A single-breasted suit typically has two to three buttons (sometimes there are four buttons but in my opinion, do not go for this) and a notch lapel (future posts will deal with buttons and lapels). The single breasted suit is suitable for any professional or everyday wear situation. - The Double Breasted Suit (Photo 3&4) is a suit that has two columns of buttons and a big overlap of fabric. There's a certain glamour and classic elegance to the double-breasted suits that the single-breasted cannot replicate. Sadly it's disappearing from many stores as men wearing it less and less. Because of the thick fabric overlap, it is usually worn in winter time for extra heat insulation. It is also a great statement piece for going out on the town in clubs, bars and or theaters. The choice is up to you and your confidence. Up next: How to Button A Suit Like A Man!
I certainly think that won't be a problem at all.
Thanks YinofYang :D I'll try and update with more useful stuff. Hopefully I can help others to build a great wardrobe for their professional use.
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