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Forget about Cappuccino, Latter, or Americano, when you visit Vietnam, do me a favor try the Vietnamese Iced milk coffee (Cafe suo da) There is few good things that the French brought to Vietnam during the colonist period are the Vietnamese new alphabet, the baguette and the drinking coffee culture. I would say that Vietnam is kind of unique when come to drinking coffee compare with the other Asia country. I just recently found out when talking with my French roommate that, they way Vietnamese drink coffee now is the same way that his grandmother did in beginning of the 20th century. But yeah, when you come to Vietnam, you are better find yourself a nearby coffee shop to experience the Vietnamese Iced Coffee
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I've only ever had Vietnamese coffee in instant form from my old roommate, who was Vietnamese! I'd love to try Vietnamese Iced Coffee. I'd like to try to find somewhere nearby I can give it a try, but I think I'll just have to go try the real thing ^^