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France has declared a national state of emergency. According to The Atlantic, the death toll is quickly rising and currently there are 40 people dead.
There were a series of attacks across seven sites, which includes a restaurant in the 11th arrondissement, near a soccer stadium, and at a concert venue.
ABC reports that there may be 60 hostages held.
This Vine video captures of the sound of an explosion during a soccer game:
I'll keep you guys updated.


7PM ET -
French media are reporting that two attackers have been killed and a police operation to free hostages at the concert venue is over.
Those at the scene reported seeing people being evacuated from the building by police. (Mashable)


• At least 140 people are dead in a wave of terror attacks across Paris, including more than 100 at a concert hall after a hostage situation, and many more shot dead at two restaurants.
• As many as five attackers were "neutralized," the Paris prosecutor says; unknown if others are still at large.
• French President François Hollande closed France's borders and is sending 1,500 members of the military into the streets of Paris.
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omg!! i dont watch tv and this is the first i have heard of this. i mean i heard that something was going on but i didnt know exactlly what. thanks for posting.
2 years ago·Reply
I saw this. I was out of it for about 24 hours. (ER. Food poisoning and Dehydration.) But when I woke up, my phone was blowing up about this. It's awful. Just horrible. :(((
2 years ago·Reply
Europe is shaken up right now, Paris is not that far away from where I live, and panic in Europe is enormous. It really is sad, what is going on in this world. @alywoah
2 years ago·Reply
I can't imagine @rodiziketan! Is security over there really high right now?
2 years ago·Reply
In france, espacially Paris is like hard core secured. Empty streets, nothing is opne and so many uniformed men strolling around. @nicolejb
2 years ago·Reply