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So my grandparents are going to visit Vietnam for the last time next summer and my family and I were supposed to go back with them since my mom hasn't been to Vietnam since 70s, but my grandma said to not waste our money going there. My mom is currently debating whether or not we'll be going to Vietnam, but if we don't she said we might go to Korea and Japan instead. Yes, Korea AND Japan. I need help coming up with ideas to convince her to go to Korea and Japan instead. Imagine all the K-pop merchandise and manga I could buy...
Also, assuming that I can convince my mom, is there anywhere you guys would recommend that I go? So far most of the places that I've decided that I have to go to are food or beauty related (mostly food). In Korea I want to go to a night market and eat Korean street food and buy clothes, merchandise, and Korean beauty products. In Japan I'd like to go to Disneyland Tokyo and visit a maid cafe. I don't really care about being served food by girls who are probably prettier than me, but who wouldn't want to eat such adorably decorated food? Edit: My mom said we probably won't be going to Vietnam, so it is very very very likely that the trip to Korea/Japan will happen.
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I'm happy I could help you! Have fun if you make it!@JustinaNguyen
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lucky!!!!!!! have fun
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You should definitely check out my cards with pictures of H apan and Korea! I think the pictures will speak for themselves. I hope they'll help convince her. My daughter and I had an absolute blast! We took the fairy from Fukuoka, Japan to Busan then took a train from there to Seoul. While we were in Seoul we got to see the CUBE Cafe! It was the trip of a life time!!
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@robertakm64 I just looked at the cards about your trip. It seemed really fun! if I do end up going to Korea I'll definitely try and check out the cube cafe or the yg restaurant if I can.
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