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We have all been there, super motivated to finally lose that 10, 20, 30, 70 pounds. We buy new gym gear, we start acting like we enjoy salads for lunch, and we really start kicking ass in the work out dept.
But then a few weeks go by...and the healthy shit just doesn't seem as awesome as cheese and couching it. (I am currently there right now).
But here are 3 reasons why WE NEED TO STICK WITH IT!

1. Because everyone else can already see the difference.

Trust me, it takes forever to see the difference in yourself, to truly believe that you are losing weight, but everyone else will see it. And they will notice, and they will comment. And those comments will feel AMAZING! So just keep all those positive comments in mind and push even harder!

2. Because you have recently loved looking in the mirror.

Even if you only want to lose 10 pounds, that 10 lbs is all that we notice in the mirror. I blame society and stupid beauty standards but thats just me (and factual). But after living a healthier lifestyle, looking in the mirror is starting to feel nice again. You are seeing your work become reality, and its amazing.

3. Because you've worked way to hard to give up.

You have been struggling. You have been sweating and eating healthy and falling asleep exhausted. And you HAVE MADE PROGRESS!! Don't back slide just because you are feeling the typical boredom that everyone feels at this stage of the workout game.
So keep it up!! I know we can do it, and when you finally accomplish your goal make sure you go out and buy yourself the best outfit EVER!

Just remember, no matter what, you are beautiful. You are strong. And you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.