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Fairy Tail Challenge 12
It's Day 12 of the Fairy Tail challenge! Today's prompt is Favorite Story Arc!
Here's the challenge card for anyone who wants to participate. Remember to tag me I. Your cards cuz I want to see them!
So my favorite story arc has always been the Tower of Heaven arc. Getting backstory on Erza was great and it was actually good! I enjoyed seeing how why Erza joined Fairy Tail and seeing her in the slave camp just made me want to cry 馃槶
Also, we got to see Jellal be his villain self. As I mentioned before in my card about how i hate Jellal... I thought he was a great villain and one of the best in the series. It was kind of Star Wars esque as there was a super weapon they were trying to stop and Jellal basically shot stars at people. Lol We also had some great fights in this arc. Gray vs the Owl guy (I forget his name) and Natsu/Erza against Jellal were both great. The fighting in this arc also reminded me of DBZ which I very much enjoyed. We even got to see Natsu eat the Etherion and activate his Dragons Force for the first time which was awesome especially since we didn't know what it was. It also really showed how much Gray and Natsu both care about Erza even though they both act so scared of her. It's also where my shipping of Nerza started ;)
One more thing! I feel the need to mention that in the manga I absolutely LOVED the Tartarus arc and while the animation is good... It didn't live up to my expectations at least not so far. Tartarus arc might be my favorite looking at the manga though.
Thanks for reading my card! Remember to tell me some of your favorite Story Arcs in the comments below! Have a great day. Ja ne
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While at the guild I have Mirajane to cook for me, but out on jobs it'll be nice to have a cook around!!
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yup, but it's kind of like the guy from the Sabretooth guild's memory make, but with food.
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Sun Village Arc
2 years agoReply
Battle of Fairy Tail arc
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Mine was when they had to fight all 12 of the Celestial spirits. I don't know if that was an Arc though..
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