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I will post something new everyday. All you have to do is A) agree to play B) post what you know/ answer
This is #1 Please answer the question.
제 이름은 네타냐입니다 (Birth name) Or 제 이름은 심찬지입니다. (Given Korean name)
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1. 이름이 뭐여요? what is your name? 2. 제이름은스테파니입니다. My name is Stephanie.
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1.이름이 뭐에요? what is your name? 2.제이름은 민 화영 입니다. My name is Min HwaYoung. (my korean name) 2a. 제이름은 리아입니다. My name is Rhia.
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제 이름은 체쓸렌 입니다. My name is Chez'lene.
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저는데가라입니다. My name is Dekara.
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제 이름은 유현 입니다. 만나서 반가워요~
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