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Since this is the most creative season for cocktail experimentation and riffs of riffs, here's an autumnal cocktail to keep the mixologists busy. And @Allobaber and @Rodiziketan blitzed too.
Pear-flavored vodka (make your own infusion or buy something off the shelf)
Pear juice
Vanilla bean
La Croix (if you have it) Peach-Pear flavored sparkling water
1. In a shaker, add one shot of vodka and a half cup of pear juice.
2. Channel your favorite chef for the vanilla bean part. Here, you want to slice the vanilla bean lengthwise, allowing you to scrape the seeds out--adding them to the juice mixture.
3. Shake it very well to incorporate the thick vanilla bean seeds.
4. Pour over ice into a highball glass--leaving just enough room to top it with a floating splash of La Croix.
5. Insert a chic swizzle straw and serve immediately.
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Mmmm...... vanilla.... and I really love pears. <3 This looks delicious.
2 years ago·Reply
Fantastic @Danse! Glad to hear. You should make it. The most arduous part is the vanilla bean process. I like pear fruits myself. Not really into pear-flavored drinks. But with it being the Fall and all, this is a must for the Thanksgiving table.
2 years ago·Reply
My family usually makes mimosa's for thanksgiving, but I'd be willing to try out something new. I'll make it at home first and see how it goes- then try to slosh it off on the family, ahaha. :3
2 years ago·Reply
awesome sounds like a great plan to me @danse. also, a great mimosa alternative is to imbibe on Harvey Wallbangers
2 years ago·Reply
it sounds really sweet, but I would like to try it. ;)
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