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So a lot of people dont realize that kpop is actually amazing; whether you understand the language or not.
A lot of people would ask me "Why do you listen to kpop?" "Kpop sucks." "What's the point of listening to this stuff?" um first of all shut your faces, second of all kpop doesnt suck. its just music but in a diferent language with deeper meanings to it. unlike american music where all people say is that they smoked dope and got high and partied till they die, to die young. like wth no.
sorry for my rant i had to get it off my chest and into the clear. A lot of people ask stupid questions so i answered finally. continue on with these lovely pictures.
I have to do the same but I stop explaining now. Some people just don't understand how kpop infires us
Infires, man πŸ’™
this is beautiful and funny so I love it