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So somehow I didn't know about this anime, after a handful of people suggesting and looking it up and realizing it was also rated extremely high on myanimelist I decided to follow up with actually watching it. Just started and expecting great things already. Thanks for everyone who recommended this!! Another one bites the dust! Haha
Yeah this one has "The feels" written all over it T^T its amazing! One of my favorites last season~ Must watch
@Danse haha yeah I'm sure half my brain is under there lol as well!
I'd be too scared to see all the things that got pushed under the rug on accident. There might be a whole colony under there. xD I'll never get to it all, ahaha.
@Danse welcome NAKAMA. I know how that goes that why after reading reviews on this I wanted to watch it before it got swiped under the rug!!
Oh!! Thank you for posting this! I had this on my watch and somehow it got erased. I'm going to clip this as a reminder. xD I had a couple other things go poof too so lord knows what they were. Ugh.. :[...
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