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Okay...I will admit it...most of my cards involve drinking. What can I say it usually leads to some pretty crazy nights. But sometimes the week is just too long and the night is jut too cold and the hang overs are just WAY TO KILLER.
But there are so many relaxing and fun things to do on a Friday night that doesn't involve a bar stool and a few dozen shot glasses.
1. Going to the drive-in movies!
I love the movies. The previews, the awesome popcorn, and going t the drive-in can feel super special. Its a nice and relaxing way to spend a sober night (the only way you an actually go to the drive-in) while still getting you out of the house.
2. Ordering in a bunch of food and vegging out on the couch.
After a week like this one, all I want to do is lay on the couch and CHILL. Relax solo or bring some friends over for a home movie night. Order a TON of different food (so you wont have to cook all weekend) and enjoy the feast.
3. Go to a concert or show!
I never understood why people would get so fucked up at shows and concerts that they don't even remember anything. If you were gonna do that you could just listen to spodify and shot gun beers. So enjoy your fav band, or some new ones, sober. You'll have a amazing time and not feel like shit the next day.
4. Travel back in time with your friends and do all the stuff that you use to do in high school...before the drinking.
Im talking bowling or ice skating (terrible idea to do drunk), or just going to a local park to play basketball. Whatever it is, it'll bbs nice to go back in time for a little and just enjoy what you use to when life was way easier.
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You are packed full of awesome @lizarnone