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So I am currently watching D-day...
I don't know why but I like disaster films and I suppose that's why I gravitated towards this drama. This drama is centered in a hospital and when disaster strikes the medical team has to take charge. I really like it(I enjoy the lead actors) and I hate the director of the hospital, he is so power hungry and I hope karma will get him in the end. I wish I didn't have to rely on the subtitles because I get excited when a new episode comes on. I noticed that no one has mentioned this kdrama on Vingle so I hope I'm not the only one who enjoys this drama as well. What do you guys reccomend I watch?
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I actually hadn't heard of it before! Natural disaster movies are some of my favorites (Like Day After Tomorrow!) so this sounds really interesting! Where are you watching it??
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It's on viki. @kpopandkimchi I just saw your comment on another D-day post. To quote Sam Smith : "I know I'm not the only one"
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