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Leesang's Gary showed his romantic side once more. Gary appeared in the SBS show “One Night of TV Entertainment” that was aired on March 20th, and talked about his popularity. Gary have been in the business for a long time, after debuting in the hip hop duo Leesang. He have been getting a lot more attention since his apparitions in variety shows. In the show, the host let Gary know that he was chosen as the #1 “Unattractive man who is charming” and “celebrity who seems like he would be a good boyfriend.” He revealed that he know that he is ugly and made a funny face to the camera. As it is widely known, Gary and Song Ji Hyo conform the “Monday Couple” in the SBS show “Running Man” and they have gathered much love and popularity with their cute and funny relationship. The host asked Gary to send his Song Ji Hyo a video message, after their “Monday Couple” was chosen as the “couple who could have married in real life.” He jokingly said, “I decided to not get close you to, because in love, the closer I get to you, the further away you go. Just stay there, at the place where you are right now.” and touched many viewers' hearts. Meanwhile, the "Monday Couple" made many viewers happy, when they played the pepero game in the last episode of "Running Man" aired last Sunday, March 17th.