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Seriously though. Suga is trying soooooooooooooooo hard to wreck my bias list within BTS.
Seriously, he needs to stop.
My loyalty to Namjoon is being threatened and it's not okay.
I guess I'll forgive him...
He better watch it though.
I totally know how you feel. I still haven't decided who my bias is but every time I think I've found my bias suga comes and messes things up. it's funny though since whenever I think suga is my bias someone else (usually namjoon or kookie) proves me wrong. basically, I'll never find my bias in bts.
@SunnaWalo I think I'm going to have to give him my 3rd spot. My love for Namjoon and Hobi is too strong. XD
Just let it happen. I only had three biases and Suga knocked Jin out of that list. I've been happier since I've accepted it lol
OMG he's soooo beautifuuuul. Definitely he's my bias!!! 😍😜✌🏻️