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I was on Facebook about 10 minutes ago and someone replied to my comment but it wasn't really nice T.T It was about Vingle.
I was showing my feelings towards this awesome app and a person replied with "said no one ever"
I understand that not everyone is going to like someone or something and it's totally fine but this hurt my feelings in a way T^T there's always a better way to say what's on your mind.
Not only did that hurt my feelings, but also the comments from others..some of these comments weren't all bad but most of them are.
I never realized that Vingle was hated by many people. I know I shouldn't mind what others say but the feels are there D: I decided to make this card because I'm surprised by the hatred and the content these comments contain. It shocks me..
Nope. I don't understand y ppl feel they have to judge others.
@LadyLuna hahah I guess I'm not the only one :)
I posted some great stuff about Vingle and 2 ppl said sounds like a weeaboo. i told then i like talking to ppl about anime and that I've been watching anime for many years and they just kept calling me that. I told them to stop trying to degrade ppl who like anime. I told then to grow up. so yeah i know how u feel. Ppl suck. lol