I believe that acceptance of the self is the key to happiness. Positivity can lend to happiness, but it does not MEAN "happy". People tend to think that if you are someone who focuses on positive thinking, that it means you are always a chipper, bouncing ball of sunshine. However, we are all human; we all have our ups and downs. But "positivity" means that we recognize that even our darkest times cannot last forever and there is always a solution available. "Positivity" means adapting to situations as they come, rather than allowing a situation to overpower us. "Positivity" means a heart and mind that are open and accepting. If you allow yourself to become crippled by fear and self-pity when things fall apart, you are missing the opportunity to redefine yourself. Your mental, emotional, and physical gears get clogged up with a perpetual cycle of negativity that can be very difficult to break yourself free from. It may feel like it would be impossible to break the cycle, but all it really takes is one decision. Look at yourself in the mirror each morning and flip off self doubt...because you can. Positive thinking is just telling negative thinking "Screw you, you don't control me!"