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Yeah, I didn't know what to write for the title....don't be mean heh!
Basically, this card is for all those wonderful people that are learning Korean or want to learn Korean!!
Maybe you have heard of this book and maybe you haven't...
There are many posts on here with amazing information to learn this language (please continue to support them) but sometimes we want something we could touch and keep for our own persons.
A little history about me....for as long as I could remember I have been intrigued with languages, from the moment in first grade of learning my second language (spanish because my mom is mexican and you get the picture....). I would read anything about European languages because I wanted to learn French (which I have now! If you are curious you could ask how many I know, obviously I don't know how to speak them but I understand them heh).
It wasn't until I got to high school that I decided to try my hand at Asian languages, my first try was Mandarin (a complete failure on that btw) so I don't know anything on that one. Then Japanese but that was only because I was into anime.......long story short I got into K-pop and gained a fascination with Korean.....
So I searched ways on learning this amazing language, I learned some words through the songs and dramas (but that isn't enough) that is until I found this amazing book on Amazon (pictured below)
Oh boy, is this book helpful!!! Starting from not knowing anything to I could now read Hangul (although still haven't finished the book so I can't translate most words yet...).
Also, still having difficulty making my own sentences but...with enough patience I will be able to!!!
My most treasured book in the world (off topic....and I have many books)
So in a few days I could show you some of the pages (it will have lots of sidenotes) but not many because I don't want to spoil much of it heh!!!
I can't remember how much it cost me, it's been a year since I bought it, but you could search it (wherever you buy things...heh), oh I also bought stickers for my keyboard it makes it that much more easy to write things!!
If you have any questions, I am happy to answer them!!!
안녕히 가세요!!!
해운 재미를!!!!
Try to guess what I wrote!
Just a couple of pictures heh!!
Hah yes its goodbye while the second one means good luck and have fun heh @TesneemElAlami
Lol I got the first word has 안녕하제요. But the second one stumped me...