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i CANNOT even BEGIN to describe my absolute LOVE for this man. Jimin...gosh what is Jimin? Jimin is a bright light what brings joy to my darkest days, Jimin is pure talent and beauty. Jimin is so beautiful, and yes he is very attractive externally but he is absolutely gorgeous internally as well. Jimin is so kind and loving and his smile. Oh. My. God. His smile it just makes me so happy to even look at it, and Jimin he just radiates joy, whenever i see a picture or a video of him i can not help but to feel happy, he just makes me so happy. And like dont even get me started on how talented this man is. His daning and singing, and oh my god his high notes, his highnotes or probably the best highnotes that i have ever heard, they're amazing. I really wish i had more words that could specifically relate how this man makes me feel, literally the only thing close to accurate is *clears throat* AHSGSBSMALAIHBSNSNSITATWBWNDLXOUAYBWNSZ SGBDNFKCIDHSBSMZLXIXUDBDNDKX SUHSNSMSOZUSHDBDNFNNFMJCUDUDJSMSKDIUDJNDNDJDIJNDNEJWLAOAIQHABNFLXLSKAKSKSKSL *clears throat* thanks you. But seriously, Jimin just makes my whole day better, seeing his smile, hearing his voice. He is just an absolutely amazing human being and i truly love him, even though i probably will never be able to see him in real life, or hold his hand, or hear his voice, and he will probably never know me, i will most likely never be more then a fan, but i really do love him, and he means so much to me, and for me. This is very real, and even though it is sometimes really painful to think about, and sometimes i do actually cry, to be perfectly honest, i wouldn't want it any other way because he makes me so happy just to be able to see his tweets and listen to his music makes me so happy. All i wish is that he stays healthy, and that he keeps doing whatever makes him happy, as long as he is happy i am happy. Jimin i hope you reach all your goals, i hope ypu get everything you desire out of life because you deserve so much I Love You Park Jimin.
Jimin is just so kind and talented and adorable and does he look damn good in a suit
i currently have a small collage of Jimin over my bed, and i am very proud to show people this beautiful beautiful man
Jimin is such a beautiful person and he is so kind and caring and adorable and i could just go on for hours really.