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This is awful. I'm not going to post a big long rant. we're next... america, get ready. If I ever get my hands on someone who calls them self an Isis agent, I will carve them up like a holiday turkey... fuck you Isis.
We do have to be tactful about it though, at least I think so @KingOfHearts
Isis did it. we know what happened. its time to take action. they started a war. let's finish it.
True, but I think it’s best to reflect on what happened and what went wrong first, and then move forward. A little time to figure things out i guess @ButterflyBlu though I am a more patient person then probably a lot of people...
@nicolejb while I agree with you, we can't stick our heads in the sand. We must be diligent. :(
It's terrifying that's true, but I don't want to make assumptions on what's happening next... I just want to help mend and fix the issue.