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oh wow thank you jon, that is really amazing advice. i feel the same way about abstract,of course everyone sees something diffrent in it, kinda like a book.
This is great work. And it looks like Jon already said pretty much exactly what I was prepared to, so definitely take that to heart. Words to live by.
I really like it. There's a nice symmetry to it. I like the color palette and the way you create contrast as your eye moves across the canvas. I think you have skill and an interesting abstract style. Abstract art is sometimes considered a little more limited in audience because reactions to it are often polar. I feel the opposite; I think it is more inclusive because it gives the viewer the opportunity to see whatever they feel. Abstract art can mean many different things to different people looking at it side-by-side. Keep doing what you are doing and NEVER let anyone else define your art for you. You will come across people who dislike what you do and it doesn't matter. Opinions are just that... opinions. Never let the negative thoughts of others contaminate the enjoyment you get from the creative process.
what do you meaannnn??? this is beautiful! Keep posting girl! they are awesooommmmeeeeee
@Jwall816 You are very welcome heh
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