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Why I Hate Sakura Haruno
@hikaymm I honestly hate her. everyone does everything for her. Yes she gets stronger in shippeuden(?). But in the original Naruto series, honestly she is just a pain. And when she says she does 'something'. I think she is just pathetic. Maybe I'm acting to harsh on her, but she hasn't done anything. I mean if you look at everyone else they do a lot now look at her. See? And then the whole 'SASUKE-KUN!!!' thing..... And I usually like every anime charecter... but then I met Sakura.. I just hate her which I know is a strong word but... yeah.. and look at the way she treats Naruto. She acted like he was just a pain in the ass, excuse me for my language but still. If you don't like her either comment, like, or clip. I am also doing this for a competition but I still don't like her so please help with a like comment or clip thanks
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👐But guys, guys! ✋Here's the funny part: 💍Only SASUKE can marry her, 💑because no one else will put her in her PLACE! ✊Woo! 👊Hallelujah.✌ *Nailed it😏*
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I honestly do hate Sakura. She's sooo clingy to Sasuke. I hated the way she lied to Naruto about liking him, it really pissed me off. And the way she treated Naruto when he was little was horrible too. Sasuke should have killed Sakura and Naruto shouldn't have saved her. This is why Naruto and Sasuke make an AMAZING couple. Better than Sasuke×Sakura and Naruto×Sakura (in my opinion anyways).
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Right?!? @Miracto
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@DefyReality28 Aye sir!!!
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@Mirandalechuga OMG I TOTALLY AGREE!!! that was by far one of the most annoying and low things she ever done ESPECIALLY after Hinata had just confesses to him
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