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Nathan Fielder is known for asking extremely odd questions during his interviews, but his most recent sit-down with the cast of "The Night Before" may be his best work yet.
And by best work, I mean the most uncomfortable interview he has ever delivered. This interview full of hot-button, cringe-worthy moments.
Fielder begins by saying he’s talking to “three big celebrities, well, two, technically,” and then segues into discussions about sex, demographics (Rogen: Jew; Mackie: black; JGL: gay), women being paid less than men, and how four of his scenes were cut from the finished film.
While this was great marketing for their new film and this was clearly staged, this still had to be uncomfortable for the guys to take part of.
This guy has a gift.. for making people uncomfortable all the time. Or maybe that's a curse. I'll let you decide.
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I think what makes this even funnier is he was actually in the movie.