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So this is a thread to @shannonI5 's Card. This card is to express three of my favorite comic books/graphic novels. These are some of my favorite Super Heroes from the DC Universe.

Batgirl: The Flood, The Lesson, & Rising

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this comic. Now and then I'll pick it up if I want a good read. This comic isn't your typical Barbara Gordon Batgirl. This is actually Stephanie Brown's story. it's a shame that she never really got acknowledge as "the Batgirl" She was spunky and had a lot of fun with her adventures. Although, as you can see, I'm missing Batgirl: Rising. So if you happen to have it and are thinking of selling or trading, I'm willing to negotiate. :D

Batman and the Outsiders: The Snare

It has a simple story that isn't too long. The reason why I love this comic is mainly because I'm a huge Cassandra Cain fan and although this comic isn't her origin story, she appears in it. And the art is AMAZING! So yeah, I'll always come back to this comic. This is part 2 of 2 books. The first one is titled "The Chrysalis".

Superman/Batman: Supergirl

This was probably one of my first comics I've ever picked up. This was the incarnation of Supergirl's origin before the "New 52". Which I love that Supergirl too. But this by far is my favorite installment. Also, it's one of Michael Turner's well known works; aside from "Witchblade". He's just awesome and is one of my favorite comic artists. R.I.P. Michael Turner.

3 Recommendations for Beginners

This isn't your typical recommendations for comics. Usually, you'll here someone mention reading "The Killing Joke", or "Batman: Under the Hood", or the popular "The Dark Knight Returns" by Frank Miller. I'm not saying that these comics are bad, in fact, they're all amazing! So amazing that it's very popular in today's culture. But if you really want a taste of amazing story and art that's unconventional from the today's norm, then check these titles out: "Justice League of America: Second Coming", "Infinite Crisis", and "Batman: Hush". All amazing and all classic comics that fans of many generations enjoy.
Thank you again for reading my comic faves and recommendations. And thank you @shannonI5 for tagging me on such a fun post. I hope all of you comic lovers and beginners come to enjoy these amazing series. :)
THESE ARE GREAT PICKS!!! I especially love the Batgirl ones, you picked my favorite
I clipped it to marvel for beginners for now! I'll try to make a dc themed collection soon