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Well, a better version of French baguette, it would sound a bit of exaggerating. But yeah still, Vietnamese baguette is one of the good things that French left behind in Vietnam. Even Anthony Bourdain on his cooking tour to Vietnam, he did said that Vietnamese baguette is really delicious. Filling with meatball, bacon, vietnamese style sausage, cucumber, carrot, spring onion, and pout a little bit of the homemade sauce on top. Right there my friend, it is the heaven on earth, the food porn !! Don¨t believe what i said ? Well, if you come to Vietnam, try it by yourself. I know some good place to have this, just ask me i will tell you ;)
I was thinking of the cuts of meat and the pate used for it. There are many places to buy it, but it's all pretty far from me. Though I am lucky that I only have to drive so long to get one.
the ingridients? I think you only need to make the baguette, that is the hard part :)
yah i heard there is one restaurant in Itaewon sells pretty good Banh Mi, but i dont know where exacatly :)
Ohhh, banh mi! So, so beautiful and delicious and you can do so much with it. I miss that I can't find this as easily where I live. Or the ingredients.
Bah! I miss Vietnamese Baguette SO FREAKING MUCH. For anyone living in Korea, there's a place in Itaewon that sells a similar type, but they only sell it at a specific hour of the day.
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