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For some of us, breaking up with someone is a very hard task.
Lets call a spade a spade: Some people just don't have the stomach to end relationships clean. For those who are too much of a wuss to break up with your spouse in person, I have a special service for you.

A web-site called The Breakup-shop will call it quits for you for a nominal fee.

Want to have them send her a breakup text (AKA the ultimate in horrible ways to end it)? That’ll only cost you 10 bucks!
Don’t want to be that brutal? How about having them send her a letter? $20 and you’re home free. ($30 if you want to send a “custom” letter.)

Maybe you’d like it to be a bit more personal? For $29 they’ll give her a call and break the bad news to your spouse.

For those lacking a backbone, check the site out here. Enjoy! I think....
LMFAO I can only see this causing more issues than the actual break-up itself. Unless you change your friends and family, phone number and residence having someone else do the dirty deed is only digging your own grave deeper than the 6 feet. Ahahaha.... so funny but stupid.
you should post this in the funny community.
If someone ever uses this on me, it's probably a good thing they broke up with me... can you say jerk face?
Yeah @Danse @petname83 @alywoah I totally agree... it's just bad news bears all over the place. If you're not mature enough to end a relationship, should you really BE in a relationship in the first place??
@AlloBaber oh Al! You took the words out of my mouth, ladybug. If you aren't mature enough to end a relationship, then you aren't mature enough to be IN ONE. Wth!!! Smh.
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