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Presidential candidates always look to find a way to connect to the voter. You want to seem larger than life at some moments, but for the most part, you want people to seem like one of "the guys."
You could say the same thing is true for rappers. Hannibal Buress sees the connection as well and has compared our current candidates to current rappers.
In a video for F-Comedy, the Chicago-bred comedian compares each Presidential candidate to their rapping counterpart.
For former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Hannibal likens her to one of hip-hop’s biggest moguls. “Hillary Clinton would be Diddy,” he says. “Because she’s done some stuff that people like, and some people hate. She’s super rich, and she got famous by attaching herself to one of the all-time greats.”
Hannibal also compares Vice President Joe Biden, who recently announced he wouldn’t be seeking the Democratic nomination, to Iggy Azalea “because people were expecting a big tour, and it never happened.” Jeb Bush is like Chet Haze, son of Tom Hanks: “His dad made it, his brother made it, there’s family legacy, but he’s just some shitty rapper that wants to say the N-word.”

If you were to compare any of the candidates to a rapper, which one would you choose?