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I have a fear into getting into girl groups (as of now there are only AOA, Rainbow and Fx that I truly stan) I heard all about the hype of them and yes I did listen to their Up&Down song..... So after coming across some other videos of them....I instantly fell in love with their unique charms...I mean they don't seem to be the typical girl group (at least for me, like I said I don't really care much for girl groups). Hani is so.....manly....I can't describe it but she gives off that feeling (she's kind of like me) the rest of the girls are amazing and give off different vibes. I know it's pretty late but I think most fans weren't there from the beginning (I think it had to do with a video right??) they truly captured my heart!!! Still haven't listen to the rest of their songs but I am sure they will do justice...I already know all their names so I know I went to a path of no return..... Ah Yeah is my fave song right now (but that could change once I listen to the rest of the songs) their choreography looks pretty easy to follow (which is a first to me), their vocals are amazing like dang they have some pretty powerful vocals!!! So I guess you can say I became a LEGO (anyone knows what that means??) I am looking forward to their upcoming songs and wish them much success!!!!
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I love love love EXID! :D:D:D!!!
@DjKpop12 Hah I will give it a listen ^^
I recently got into exid a few months ago as well, so I'm pretty late to the party, but I got their most recent mini album and it's really good, highly recommend listening to all of it.
I wanna be a LEGO too!
look up the Ahn sisters xD
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