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If yall's don't already know I am a K hip-hop addict. I love hip hop and rap! Can't get enough of it. I've seen all the SMTM (1st and 2nd season sucks by the way) and both Unpretty Rapstar. In this post it is all about Korean Rappers! This post is based on my opinion only. I am not ranking them. Some of these rappers may not be up to your taste I also didnt add some other Korean rappers that you may like. I am sorry. Also, some of them are Hip Hop groups, not soloist. Most of these rappers are well known. I ALSO DID NOT PUT ANY KPOP IDOLS ON THE LIST. JUST A HEADS UP. Also, these are just a few of the songs that I personally like, there are many more songs out there for you to listen to.


These tracks may have some cussing (swear words). Most if not all. But just to be warned, please do not listen to them if you do not like swear words.


Group consists of Tiger Jk, Yoon Mi-rae, and Bizzy. They are signed under FeelGhood Music. Tiger Jk ans Yoon Mi-rae are a married couple. Both are featured quite a lot in each others single releases. Also, both have been featured in music with various rappers and idols. Songs: -Buckubucku (feat. Rap Monster of Bangtan Boys, EE and Dino-J) -Bang Diggy Bang Bang -Angel

Masta Wu

Signed under YG Entertainment. Was on SMTM 3. Songs: -Come Here (feat. Bobby of iKON and Dok2) -Everything's All Rite

Epik High

This group consists of Tablo, Mithra Jin and DJ Tukutz. They were signed under Woollim Entertainment but snow under YG Entertainment. Songs: -Born Hater (feat. Bobby and B.I of iKON, Mino of WINNER and Beenzino) -Spoiler

Verbal Jint

Signed under Brand New Music. Songs: -Doin' It (feat. Sanchez of PHANTOM) -Walking In The Rain

MC Sniper

Signed under Universal Music Korea and Sniper Sound. He has made a lot of diss tracks towards Outsider. Songs: -Where We Were (feat. Choi Young Tae) -Go To Sleep (feat. BK)

Simon Dominic

Signed under AOMG. Co-ceo of AOMG along with Jay Park. Songs: -WON (₩) & ONLY (feat. Jay Park) -Simon Dominic -Cheerz

Jay Park

Was signed under JYP Entertainment but now is under AOMG. Co-ceo of AOMG along with Simon Dominic. Was the leader of 2PM under departing from JYP Entertainment. Songs: -On It -Level 1000 (feat. Dok2) -BO$$ (feat. Yultron, Loco, and Ugly Duck)


Winner of SMTM 4 Songs: -Stand Up (feat. MAMAMOO)

San E

Was signed under JYP Entertainment but is now im Brand New Music. MC of Unpretty Rapstar Songs: -#LuvUHaters -Body Language (feat. Bumkey) -Break Up Dinner (feat. Sanchez of PHANTOM)

Dynamic Duo

This duo consists of Gaeko and Choiza. Signed under Amoeba Culture. Choiza is dating f(x)'s Sulli. Songs: -AEAO (with DJ Premier) -Hot Wings (feat. Hyorin or SISTAR) -Guilty -BAAAM (feat. 뮤지 of UV)


In the group called Leessang. Signed under Jungle Entertainment and Leessang Company. Known for being in Running Man and the infamous Monday Couple with Song Ji Hyo. Songs: -Get Some Air (feat. MIWOO) -JOA (feat. Jay Park) -Your Scent (with Jung In)


I do not know what Korean music entertainment he is signed under as of right now. But I do know he was the first Asian-American to be signed under YMCMB (with Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj). He was a member of Aziatix before the group disbanded this August. Songs: -The Calling -Stay Strong (feat. Jooheon of MONSTA X) -Yah, Nuh

I hope you enjoyed this card as much as I did!

I can't wait for BAP & iKON comeback on the 15th, LEGEND comeback on the 17th, BTS & WINNER on the 30th!!!!