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i don't understand what's wrong with these people. like seriously😡💆how can you note care about these innocent people. like i'm disgusting with these people and all you people who believe them😤😤😤 #Pray4Paris
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Bieber's fans are as dumb as he is. I can't stand him. He's rude as hell! What do you expect from his fans?!? He is such a self centered, rude, little boy. He is not a man and may never get there the route he has taken. He was a sweet person once, idk what happened. #Pray4Paris
These are One Direction fans. There album dropped today. This is disgusting. #prayforparis
Hm read the names under the fans name and saw the pic and thought Bieber. Sorry. One Direction fans are annoying too though not usually mean... Some dumb kid I bet.